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National Masters


Following a decision by the Board of Governors of Université Paris-Saclay, registration fees for students enrolled in standard national master's courses for the 2022/2023 academic year have been set at 243 euros for all students, whether from the EU or outside the EU. Therefore, the French government's differentiated registration fee of €3,770 for non-EU students enrolled in national master's courses does not apply to our institution for the 2022/2023 academic year. Click here to see the partial exemption conditions that apply depending on your situation.

International Masters


Mention Ingéniérie des systèmes complexes

  UE Non UE
M1 Ingéniérie des systemes complexes 4.000€ 6.000 €


Mention Génie Civil

  UE Non UE
M1 Géo-mécanique et ouvrages 4.000€ 6.000 €


Mention Electronique, Energie electrique, Automatique

  UE Non UE
M2 Systèmes Avancés de Radiocommunications (SAR) 4.000€ 6.000 €


Mention Energie

  UE Non UE
M1 Energy
international track (EIT)
4.000€ 6.000 €


Mention informatique

  UE Non UE
M2 Big Data Management and Analytics (BDMA) 4.000€ 8.000€


Mention mécanique

  UE Non UE
M1 Mécanique International Track (MIT) 4.000€ 6.000 €


Crous scholarship holders  € 0.00

IDEX scholarship holders € 4.000