Modern language testing


For CentraleSupélec engineering students outside the Dual Diploma program, including academic exchange students


🎓Welcome to the CentraleSupélec Languages & Cultures Department. We look forward to seeing you in our classes and working with you on all sorts of exciting projects such as debating, Model UN, Theatre in German, Spanish Cinema Clubs, French cultural projects, outreach initiatives, intercultural games and so much more.


📝Before our adventure together can begin, we need to do a little test to determine the best fit for you in the curriculum. This is a simple level test and carries absolutely no weight on your future grades; its sole purpose is to help us ensure that you are in the most appropriate class (so there’s no point cutting and pasting from DeepL for this one... really!)

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🔍Please also take note of that:

  •     The engineering curriculum includes teaching of two foreign languages: English and another language of choice.
  •     We will evaluate your proficiency in English and French as a Foreign Language (FLE), as well as your proficiency in another language of choice to place students in level groups.
  •     Where possible, you will be assigned your first language choice.
  •     If you’re an international student, please indicate French as a Foreign Language (FLE) as your first choice in the LV2 questionnaire.
    Deadline for LV2 language test is September 3, 2024.

    The OPT English tests scheduled for September 4, 2024; an email notification will be sent to you.