Information on accommodation for Bachelors students





Le Césal


Bachelors students can be accommodated in residences 5 and 6 at Césal if they wish.

CentraleSupélec will charge a reservation fee of €1,800.

From the end of June 2024, students will be contacted by the Bachelors department to start the accommodation procedure.


If you need proof of accommodation to apply for a VISA, please get in touch with the Student Welcome Desk, which will send you the document by e-mail.




For any other questions, please contact


Bachelor BoGe     


Bachelor AIDAMS 



The CASA housing platform


In a single, dedicated space, you will find all the offers from public and private partners on all the university's campuses.

The platform allows you to :

  • Consult available accommodation offers, which the providers regularly update.
  • Locate offers geographically on a map
  • Find out how much they cost and anticipate the associated charges
  • Find out how to access the offers
  • Locate local transport and shops.