Engineering tuition fees for 2024/2025



Students in the engineering cycle pay a different rate according to the conditions defined by the decree of January 2, 2015 setting CentraleSupélec's tuition fees.

  1.     The full and half EU* fees apply by default to students of all nationalities enrolled in the engineering cycle by September 1, 2018 at the latest.
  2.     As of September 1, 2018, the full and half price UE* rates apply to all foreign students in the engineering cycle who meet the conditions set out in the decree of January 2, 2015 establishing CentraleSupélec's tuition fees.

* The notion "EU" includes the member states of the European Union, the other states party to the agreement on the European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation



EU Full price *

€ 3,500.00

EU Half price *

€ 1,750.00

Non-EU Full price

€ 5,900.00

Non-EU Half price

€ 2,950.00



Engineering Cycle


1st year Full price
2nd year Full price
3rd year Full price
Double degree students Out (outside France) Half price
 Student gap year under student status Half price
Repeat Full price
Adapted repetition Half price


Special cases


Foreign students supported by an organization (third party payment)

Full price

International students registered for double-degree / academic exchange partnership agreement (incoming mobility)

As agreed with the partners

Members of the Military

As per agreement

Free move

As per agreement

Students admitted under Continuing Education (employees, job seekers, etc.)

€ 14,900.00

Students on the Shift Year course during the gap year Half price
Students on the Digital Tech Year course

Prom spring promo- Digital Tech Year completed after S7 (the 2nd year of the engineering cycle takes 2 years)








Promo Fall - Digital Tech Year realized during the gap year

1st registration in 2nd year Full price

2nd registration in 2nd year Half price




Half price

Students enrolled in 3rd year (extension of classic 3rd year and graduation after 12/31/2024) Diplomation before March 01, 2025

€ 0.00

Diplomation after March 01, 2025

Half price

Students enrolled in 3rd year following a double degree Out whose CS degree has not been validated by 12/31/2024

TFE done with the host institution: the documents are deposited on the Edunao space at least 15 days before the February 2025 jury and validated by the Direction des Etudes before March 01, 2025.


TFE with CentraleSupélec: The TFE is validated by the Director of Studies after March 01, 2025

 € 0.00



Half price






Registration for 1 term - CESI 1

€ 7,450.00


As per the Academic Regulations, students who have met the academic requirements but who have not attained the required foreign language level (TOEFL / IELTS ) for graduation with an Engineering degree, are not required to complete administrative registration and do not hold student status during the time allotted for them to pass the language test.


Partnerships with other “grandes écoles” - Duals diplômes

Students from partner schools - ESSEC, ENSAM, ESCP Business School AgroParisTech, ENSAM, ENSAE-


When the student does his year at CentraleSupélec

When the student does his year at his home institution


Full price


Half price

CentraleSupélec students

When the student does his year at CentraleSupélec


When the student follows his year in his partner school


student gap year

Full price



Half price




Half price



Accelerated Track

Full rate

€ 18,000.00

Reduced rate

€ 12,000.00



Exemption from registration fees

Means-tested scholarship students, French Government scholarship students on presentation of the scholarship certificate

Student apprentices or students on a professional development contract

€ 0.00


Check out the FAQ on registration fees


The full- and half-price EU rates automatically apply to students of all nationalities registered in the engineering cycle by the 1st September 2018

  • are a national of one of the European Union Member States, of another State party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area or of the Swiss Confederation
  • are the child, spouse or partner of a national of one of the European Union Member States
  • are a beneficiary of long-term resident status in a European Union Member State or are a person whose father, mother or legal guardian has such status
  • are the beneficiary of a temporary residence permit and dependent on a tax household located in France for at least two years
  • have joined the CentraleSupélec accelerated engineer program
  • have joined CentraleSupélec as part of a partnership.


For more information on exemption conditions, please click here.