Belle Fontaine Residence

Following your admission to the Rennes campus, you can be accommodated in the Belle Fontaine residence, which is adjacent to the Rennes campus. This residence has 200 places and has direct access to the campus, a bus stop, and a metro station in the immediate vicinity.

A place will be pre-reserved for you. To confirm your reservation, you must contact the residence as soon as possible (pre-booking is only available until mid-July).

A rental file in PDF format will be sent to you on request (specify the residence required)

As there is more demand for T1 accommodation than supply, the choice of accommodation type is only possible subject to availability when the rental file is signed.


Tel: 02 99 84 46 00

Mobile: 06 03 32 86 15

Or by email:


About accommodation, please note that :

  • The deposit can be paid on arrival at the residence
  • The reservation guarantees you a place but not a specific type of accommodation (you can obtain a T1 or a shared Duo accommodation, depending on availability).

The Belle Fontaine residence, located at Six Avenue Belle Fontaine in Cesson-Sévigné, prioritizes students from CentraleSupélec's Rennes campus. It offers two types of accommodation:


  • T1 accommodation (72 units): an 18 m² studio (10 m² for the bedroom area) comprising a furnished bedroom (wall cupboard, 90x200 bed, one chair, desk, bedside table, small storage locker), a kitchenette (ceramic hob, sink, table-top fridge) and bathroom facilities (shower, WC, washbasin).
  • DUO" accommodation (66 units or 132 rooms): comprises two independent rooms and a common area of 12 m² with a kitchenette (ceramic hob, sink, and sanitary facilities (WC, shower). Each room has 12 m² with a wall cupboard, a 90x200 bed, one chair, a desk, a bedside table, a washbasin, and a table-top fridge.


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